What Do Blogs Have to Do with Real Estate Web Design?

If you’re a Realtor and you haven’t at least spent time on other people’s blogs, this is your official wake-up call! Blog sites like Active Rain and Inman News are for Realtors talking to their peers, and they serve the community well. For the purposes of marketing your new real estate site, however, those peer-to-peer sites don’t provide the answer. Whether you’re a new agent, real estate veteran or a broker/owner in charge of a large firm, the integration of a blog into your new real estate web design should be top on your list of requirements.
Benefits of Blogging for Realtors:

If your blog is hosted on your own domain (not a public blog such as ActiveRain or Blogger), you benefit from the traffic and inbound links.
If you post at least twice a week, your blog will get indexed by the search engines almost as soon as you post. Your main web site will probably be indexed once a month.
Blog software is easy to use.
You can use your blog to focus on keywords.
Your blog has an interactive aspect built-in. If you focus on your readers and what interests them, you will actually build an audience.
You don’t have to write novels. Newsy updates, links out to interesting articles and easily imbedded media help make the process easier than you would imagine.

Why can’t I Just Set Up My Own Real Estate Blog?

You can! And having ANY blog installed on your own domain is better than no blog. And if you have a blog domain that is separate from your primary real estate site, you could host it virtually anywhere, for very little money. However, here are the benefits to hosting it with your real estate web hosting firm:

They’ll update the blog software frequently. Because blog software changes so rapidly, you could install updates more than once a month and STILL not be using the latest version.
Because blog software is designed to be so open and interactive, it is somewhat vulnerable to security breaches. Let the pros handle it for you.
Hundreds of new blog add-ons, plug-ins, and widgets are developed every month. You can trust your real estate website host to know which ones are most useful to your business.
Your real estate website design firm should offer training on blog software, as well as coaching on effective blogging. Take advantage of it!

Is App Development Worth Your Money And Time?

mobile application developmentIn the world of business any businessman wants to step forward to develop some kind of mobile app having three expectations – to build brand, to engage his customers and boost the business performance. If any of the expectation is not fulfilled, then what the use of getting a mobile app developed? So how and where you will have to be careful to avoid any kind of damage? Many developers claim to be the best ones and say they have created hundreds of apps, but will it decide the success of your app? So just looking at their portfolio isn’t enough, you will have to know how many profitable apps have been delivered by them.

In case they have made App of Big Basket’s Online Grocery or Byju’s Classes Mentor which actually changed the business, then go ahead.  It’s not that they should be very well versed when it comes to Android but they must be able to give you a profitable iOS app. Each and every process of app development is different from making strategy, creating interface to writing codes. Developers may try to just persuade you, however keep in mind that you should check their portfolio for any profitable App.

Another most important stage is to identify how dedicated as well as experienced is the app development team. Creating an app is far different from making a website. A simple site can be easily created in a week or so, but a simple app requires at least 2-3 months to be created. Developing of any app calls for patience, knowledge and most essentially expertise. If your app developer possesses all such qualities, then don’t worry at all. Many app developing companies have sales people who act too enthusiastic just to seek the attention of the audience.  Once you pay them an advance, it becomes a bit hard to trace them. They will give you various reasons and will keep on delay the completion of the app project. So it becomes mere waste of your money as well as time.  As a result, before assigning any app development project, make sure they are supportive especially when your project is proceeding. Work with experienced and knowledgeable app developers, who will help you to harness the mobile technology. Make sure they’re transparent so that you know the development process of the application before progressing with them with your mobile app development project.

New Apple developer page, designed properly for iOS

The website developer for Apple has been born a new section to be added to the set of tools developers is credited to the correct development of applications for the enterprise ecosystem of the bitten apple. In this case, it is a section that seeks to teach everything about the design of iOS.

New Apple developer page, designed properly for iOS

designios7 New Apple developer page, designed properly for iOS

This page is full of videos and documents that will be fully available to developers and grouped for easy setup and use. Although you start talking about the importance of a great user experience and the importance of these ecosystems both OS X and the iOS, most of the resources available on the talk renovated mobile operating system of the Californian company, iOS 7.

Is well known and we have discussed in several articles, the importance iOS 7 has played in Apple. The radical change of vision and mentality is reaching all corners of the ecosystem. I recently watched as the Retail section was redesigned to adapt to this new design as part of a transformation process from all corners of the web of Californians.

Apple wants to make it easy for developers and beside all this documentation in text and video were also included in this new section is a section of “Do’s and Don’ts” that focuses on specific aspects of user interfaces and makes a complete tour of the recommendations to develop your application by following the marked guidelines for the homogeneity of the system always remains latent you find where you are or are using the application it. Are you a developer? How about the tools that Apple provides those working under their ecosystem?

iPhone JSON Framework Development

There are tons of iPhone & iPad apps are running frequently need to communicate with web server and JSON framework takes place as a bridge between web and mobile platforms. JSON framework is most commonly used as an alternative to XML for RESTful style web services. JSON is text based format to represent simple data structure in array object. We use JSON framework because
JSON is lightweight, easy to understand and easy to read and write for developers
It helps to establish secured data transmission and help to build secure apps
JSON enhances the scalability and maintainability of the mobile apps
JSON is available freely and helps to reduce development cost
Our developers at iBits have expertise in iPhone development languages so we are well accustomed with Objective C, C++, C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript and Python. However JSON is language independent platform yet it applies pattern which are familiar to the developers from C-family community. Our developers take such challenges seriously and come up with an elaborate solution that fulfill their requirements.
Our developers are used to with this framework to because it allows adding categories to existing Objective-C objects, which results in super-simple interface plus classes with more flexible APIs for added control. Features like strong parsing and generation make JSON framework a choice of developers. Our developers use this framework and come up with robust iPhone application development.
If you think we can justify your iPhone applications development with iPhone JSON framework developers give us a chance we will prove ourselves.

iPad Software Development

iPad is an amazing device that has changed the scenario of entertainment world as well as business world and iPad software development has hit the more striking experience of its usage. It has not only grabbed the attention of younger generation but also tempted aged ones too. Its mobility has added new dimensions in the way we carried our daily cores.

It has empowered us to manage our business remotely and enabled us to devote more time to our business due to its handiness. It eases our communication with our business components like staff members and clients. It acts as a personal assistance in your daily tasks and gives remainders for your upcoming tasks, makes your work paperless, helps in presentation and performs the tasks you cannot believe.

For an e-reader it is highly useful device and iPad software development offers you a distinct experience in compare to other devices in the market. With the handwriting apps you can write notes on your own handwriting and can email to your friends. With its storage capacity you can keep your all text-books in the education app.

iPad software development contributes in field of entertainment and offer software that enable you to watch your favorite movies and videos and even enable you to send its clipping to your friends or family members. You can write reviews on it.

Medical Industry
iPad has a great facility to connect with external devices that is doc connector. Doctors can connect their devices and speed up their work. This automation also helps them to take better and rapid decisions in critical situations.

Travel/tourism industry
iPad software development offers you directly or indirectly assistance in travel/tourist industry as you can gather needed information with a touch of a finger, book tickets, book table for dinner in a hotel at next destination and lot more.

Apart from this iPad software development helps you in various categories like sports, news or information, weather, etc.

iBits Offers
iBits has a team of iPad software developers who have gained profound experience of iPad software development in various categories
iBits has good infrastructural facilities for iPad software development and conductive environment with a good team work.
iBits offers solid support not only during development but also extending helping hands at post-development stage.
Services at iBits are at market competitive rates so anyone can afford it.

We hope that your search for a professional and reputed iPad software development company would end with us.

iBook Publishing

We publish your eBooks
The iPad and iPhone are a great medium for your books and novels, in this growing market it is evident that eBooks are here to stay with eBook sales exceeding paper books in 2011. This means that the market is growing and with our help, you can tap into this promising makrket.

We can help publish your iBook and release it onto the itunes store immediately, allowing readers to download your iBook right away, thus allowing you to reach millions of readers and consequently increase revnues.

Our iPad/iPhone development team build iBook apps with an amazing UI, which allows reader to become fully emersed in your book. Our applications take advantage of all the perks of an apple product.

Flip pages to give the feel of a printed paper book.
High resolution images from the new retina display.
Portrait and landscape modes.
The iPhone and iPad have unique qualities that set them aside from other eBook readers, this means that they have more appeal to consumers, which will result in more people buying your books thus increasing your revenue.

Advantages of iBook Publishing
Multiple digital file extensions such as ePub/PDF/Text/XML can be ported through iBook
Easy flip through of pages
Add social networking capabilities to you iBook
Rich, high resolution illustrated content
Books are readable on all Apple products including iPod and iPhone.
High readability & usability
Can carry any volume of content
Hire Our iOS Developers
We provide you with your dedicated team based in india, coupled with a UK based consultant and project manager. There are many benefits from hiring our developers or dedicated team.

UK based consultant coupled with a Project Manger
50 app Developers dedicated to building and designing apps for multiple platforms.
Years of experience in project management and team building
Transparent and controlled development process.
Flexible engagement contract.
High level of QA.
24/7 Voice & Video Call Support.
Complete control over resources and processes